Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hot Weather Vigilantes Needed (Public Service Announcement)

Summer can be a true joy, but accidentally killing your or child(ren) or pet(s) would pretty much sap that joy out of the rest of your life. So, do not leave any living creature unattended in cars in the sunshine, even with the windows cracked. Indeed, research has shown (and isn't it incredible that someone had to do research on this?) that cracking the windows 1.5 inches only very slightly delays the temperature increase and does not decrease the final internal temperature. 

Also, do not be misled into thinking this is a hot-weather phenomenon. The deadly ingredient is sunshine, and not outside temperatures.  Even with temperatures in the 70s, a car in bright sunshine can get into the 120s.

Here is the protocol you should follow if you see innocent and/or helpless living things trapped inside hot cars.  By the way, many states have no laws on the books for children, so you are sort of in vigilante mode.  But you want to be this kind of vigilante.

(Of course, you have already tried simply opening any unlocked doors, with no luck) 
  1. Call 911 and make a very thorough report, then,
  2. Break window farthest from child/pet
  3. Remove child/pet from vehicle; wait for emergency personnel and vehicle owner
  4. Break remaining windows for consistency and thoroughness
  5. (optional) lift knee and drive heel firmly into groin of vehicle owner 
Now, want my vigilante story?

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